HIIT Kickboxing classes

A dynamic fitness program combining heavy bag conditioning, plyometric cardio intervals and pad/mitt work for outstanding results

This class is a super high energy class with high energy music to keep you pumped!  These exciting workouts are for all fitness levels from beginners to athletes, just go at your own pace and every class you will improve.

This High Intensity Interval training class consists of a warm up, HIIT training on and off the heavy bag, abdominal/core exercises and ends with a cool down including stretching. You will be working your cardio and fighting skills with kicks and punches on the heavy bag and off the bag you will be working Calisthenic exercises.  Calisthenic exercises involves any exercise performed using no added weight, just your own body weight (push-ups, squats, lungs) and can be tailored to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.

Our HIIT Kickboxing classes are unique and every class is a different experience.   You get the best in class instructor giving you personal attention in a small group class to help you learn the proper technique and therefore maximize your results.

Each HIIT Kickboxing class workout will be different to continually challenge the body.  Our body is constantly adapting to what we do and that’s why it is important that your workouts are not routine.   You could burn between 400-800 calories per class but of course what you put into your workout is what you will get out of your workout.

Requirements for Class

The equipment required for these classes are boxing gloves and hand wraps. All of the equipment is included in your introductory program along with your classes and yes, the gear is yours to keep.

Wear comfortable clothing, indoor running shoes, bring water and please remove all jewelry for our safety.