Kelly Allan

Founder of Diamond Martial Arts - Opened in 2001 Senior Instructor 4th Degree Black Belt A.K.K.I Member

Over 31 years of Training and over 27 years of Teaching

  • Kenpo Karate
  • Boxing & Kickboxing
  • Fitness Kickboxing (certified)
  • Strength Training: Weights, bands, machines & body weight exercises.
  • Diamond Body Shaping Courses
  • Women’s Self Defense Courses
  • Bullying Programs
  • Demonstration Teams
  • Weapons: Nunchakus, Bo, Sai, Clubs, Knife
  • Personal Training since 2001
  • Instructing ages 3yr – 83 yr.
  • Instructing people with various physical limits and learning abilities

Kelly Allan’s Instructors

Ms. Kathy Owen

President & Owner of Newark Kenpo Karate Associate Master of the Arts 8th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Paul Mills

President & Founder of the A.K.K.I (American Kenpo Karate International Association) Senior Grand Master of the Arts 10th Degree Black Belt

About Kelly

Kelly Allan is the founder and the senior instructor of Diamond Martial Arts. In 2001 Kelly opened Diamond Martial Arts in Cambridge Ontario and has been operating in Cambridge since then.

Kelly is a proud member of the American Kenpo Karate Association. She achieved her 4th Degree Black Belt under the tutelage of Ms. Kathy Owen while testing in front of the A.K.K.I board of directors. Kelly is currently working towards her 5th degree black belt.

Throughout Kelly’s martial arts career she has taught 1000’s of people and has trained with many expert martial artist from around the world, travelling to Delaware, Wyoming, Jersey Channel Island, Clearwater Florida, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. Kelly is in the published France magazine/book by Belmond Moukoudi, A.K.K.I Member in France.

Kelly has been working in the security industry for 8 years, working in high level security sites, is certified in use of force and personal protection and is currently a security manager for several buildings in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Kelly loves music, dancing, travelling, food, yoga, learning new skills and of course fitness and martial arts.