Kenpo Karate for Teens & Adults

American Kenpo Karate International martial arts classes. “Higher proficiency through innovation”

At Diamond Martial Arts we teach A.K.K.I Kenpo Karate.  This style of Kenpo is not just a martial art but a martial science!  You will learn the skills to defend yourself against and type of attack and attacker regardless of your strength, size or skill level because of the principles and concepts of motion within this art. Kenpo is designed to be tailored to the practitioner.  You will learn strikes, blocks, stances, foot maneuvers, empty hand self defense techniques, two man sets, forms, weapons and sparring.

Our senior Instructor is Ms. Kelly Allan, 4th Degree Black Belt and founder of Diamond Martial Arts.  Tim Vanden Heuvel is the manager and instructor of the Kenpo and Fitness programs.

Using the A.K.K.I Kenpo Karate belt rank material, Ms. Allan designed each of the kids, teen/adult programs from beginners to intermediate to advanced belt ranks with her 30+ years of martial arts and instructing experience.  Each program is designed so that the student’s skill level and confidence improves each class, regardless if the student is a beginner or has experience, how they learn and take in new information, their physical capabilities or their age. The student with time and dedication will prosper in the class and on the street.  Most importantly is that when you walk out the studio door you are prepared so that you can defend yourself.

The American Kenpo Karate International Association

We are inferior to none, equal to any, superior to many.

Mr. Paul Mills, 10th Degree Black Belt, Senior Grand Master of the Arts and president and founder of the American Kenpo Karate International Association.

Mr. Mills was a private student of Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, for over ten years. He learned many valuable lessons from Mr. Parker during that time. He gives his instructor credit for teaching him how to be a more analytical and logical thinker. The lessons learned he will never forget. Mr. Mills has passed down many stories and experiences of his time with Mr. Parker so that his instructor’s memory lives on.  What Mr. Parker taught Mr. Mills was that innovation is the key to the future of the system. He encouraged Mr. Mills to think outside of the traditional ways of thinking and practicing his system.  Mr. Mills is taking the system into the future with his insights, experience, and from what he was taught by his instructor.

Our purpose in the A.K.K.I. is to preserve Mr. Parker’s art of American Kenpo, as well as continue to create, innovate and perpetuate the ever changing, fascinating and magical art of Kenpo.

One of the biggest differences in the way people execute their actions in the A.K.K.I., when compared to other associations and groups, is the use of the master key “Rhythmic Timing Patterns“. They help the practitioner move with explosive and powerful action. The study of the rhythmic timing patterns are at the base of the Paul Mills Kenpo style. All of the new A.K.K.I. curriculum also follows Mr. Mills philosophy that “Structure Governs Function“..

“Have faith and believe in yourself, have courage, create and always be humble.”                                                                                            

Paul Mills