Women’s only & Coed K-Box & Strength Combo Classes

A proven blend of cardio kickboxing & resistance band strength training focused on mobility, function and health.

Our women’s only and the coed fitness kickboxing and strength training combo classes were designed by Ms. Kelly Allan as an all in one class for people with limited time and want a fun workout to music while punching and kicking a heavy bag, learning a skill, relieving the stresses of your day and achieving amazing results! This class incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching, and abdominal/core exercises

The classes are taught by Black Belt instructors so that you learn the proper technique of kickboxing and strength training as to not injure yourself and get the most out of your workout every class. Plus you will learn the striking skills to defend yourself.

The Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing & Strength Training

Kickboxing and resistance band workouts are perfect for people of all shapes and sizes and any fitness level. Each part of the workout can be modified and you can go at your own pace. This makes the benefits of kickboxing classes available to all, including beginners.

One of the most significant kickboxing workout benefits is that it helps to burn belly fat fast! Also known as visceral fat. Unlike excess thigh and buttocks fat, a fat belly increases the risk for some serious medical conditions including diabetes, and heart disease. Resistance band training with help you further tone and build lean muscle to increase your overall strength and prevent osteoporosis and improve your balance and coordination.

Offering a total body workout, kickboxing and resistance band training engages all of the body’s muscles and attending classes regularly will strengthen every muscle and gain muscles definition.

You could burn up to 800 calories but the exact number of calories will vary depending on factors including your weight and how much effort you put in.

Requirements for Classes

The equipment required for these classes are boxing gloves, hand wraps and professional resistance bands. All of the equipment is included in your introductory program along with your classes and yes, the gear is yours to keep.

Wear comfortable clothing, indoor running shoes, bring water and please remove all jewelry for our safety.