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Diamond Martial Arts is a professional full time studio located in central Cambridge, Ontario. We have been in business for over 18 years in Cambridge and are a proud member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce which we have previously been a  nominee for business with under 49 employees.

We offer Kenpo Karate programs for teens and adults and will soon be adding back our one of a kind kids programs.  We also offer many fitness classes focusing on cardio, strength training and fitness kickboxing.


Improve your abilities with our well structured classes

K-Box & Strength Combo Classes

A proven blend of cardio kickboxing & resistance band strength training focused on mobility, function and health.

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Personal Fitness

Choose between kickboxing, body weight exercises, strength training with resistance bands or mix of any of the three.

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Women's Self Defense Courses

3 hour classes, focusing on using your strength and natural weapons against your attacker’s weaknesses and available targets.

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Kenpo Karate for Teens & Adults

American Kenpo Karate International martial arts classes. “Higher proficiency through innovation"

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Body Weight Conditioning

A combination of cardio and strength training exercises using only your own body weight

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HIIT Kickboxing classes

A dynamic fitness program combining heavy bag conditioning, plyometric cardio intervals and pad/mitt work for outstanding results.

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Ready to train? Come find us at

Address: 1733 Industrial Rd, Cambridge, ON N3H 5G7

Phone: (519)-897-0832

Email: info@diamondmartialarts.ca